Ways to donate

We cannot save lives without funding. Your donation is NOW tax deductible! Our EIN number is 93-4358030. All of our animals receive the vet care they need and when they need it. This means we have a running vet bill with a few different area vets whom all work with us to try to save us as much money as possible. We are thankful for their love and support.

We are also feeding and caring for all of our animals currently in foster with us as well as trapping, neutering and releasing colony cats when we are able to assist.

There are a few ways to donate. Please help support us and help us save more lives.

PayPal is an easy way to donate and you can even set yourself up as a monthly donor! Click HERE to find out how!

We have built an Amazon wishlist with items needed for our cats in foster or some of our colony cats we help to maintain. This list is updated periodically as needs arise.

Paypal Donate ButtonPaypal Donate Button

Petstablished provides our pet management software and allows us to use its platform with a secured donation link through Wagtopia to protect our donors and ourselves. We want to give you the safest ways possible to donate to our mission and are excited to be able to offer you this donation option.