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July 20, 2024 - Pitt County Hoarding Case

We were made aware of a local hoarding case with over 150 cats in one home. We have been working to make room for some of those cats to help with the situation. Multiple rescue agencies are stepping forward to help and that makes us proud of our little community. Pet Food Pantry of Eastern NC has been instrumental in making the magic happen. Beare Garden, Humane Society of Eastern Carolina and Saving Graces have all stepped in as well. There are countless volunteers working behind the scenes as fast as they can to help both the animals and the humans involved in this situation.

Please follow our socials to stay up to date on our Bridgerton Cats! They are the cats we have taken from the hoarding case. Once we get them healthy and adopted, we will be taking more.

WE NEED DONATIONS to do all of this. Please donate if you are able to help us vet and care for these animals.

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Rescues everywhere are beyond capacity and underfunded. Finding a safe place for homeless or unwanted cats is a difficult task. While we try to save as many lives as we can, we have to prioritize the health and care of the cats who are currently in foster homes with us and are unable to take cats if we are full or do not have the funding to cover vet costs.