Let us introduce ourselves


Lacey loved foster cats and kittens more than anyone and was the best foster mama to so many litters of kittens. It was her love for felines that inspired her mom, Danielle, to create Lacey’s Legacy to honor the life of of her heart dog Lacey.

Through her love, Lacey's Legacy saves kitties in our community that she would have adored. Our mission is to find homes for homeless cats in our community and to help support local TNR efforts to help reduce cat overpopulation. Thank you for helping us continue her LEGACY!


We are still a very young organization and we are learning as we are saving as many lives as we can! Rescue isn't for the faint of heart. Please know that we may not get everything right, but we will do our best to make it right!

There are three volunteer board members that run the organization together and we all work, are mothers, have our own zoo of misfits and we are all doing the very best we can. If we miss something or if we don't get back to you right away, reach out again. We don't mind the gentle nudge.

BE KIND! We want to save them all, too. Unfortunately the reality is that we just can't. We often get multiple applications on one cat. We have to find the best home for THAT animal. It may or may not be at your home. Ultimately, we are deciding our animals fate when placing them in homes so we are doing what we feel is best for them. We would say that it isn't personal, but it certainly is to us! We are personally invested in all of our animals and we will do whatever it takes to give them the very best future.

We have invested in a new animal management software and are still working out the kinks. If you see any ways we can make improvements, we are open to all suggestions. Thank you for your patience and your grace.

Our Board Members


Danielle is the founder of Lacey's Legacy and started running our small rescue through TNR working with local cat colonies that needed assistance. She has been volunteering with animal rescue groups for well over a decade and has a love for all animals. Danielle also runs her own pet sitting business and can be found volunteering with other organizations in our community such as Pet Food Pantry of Eastern NC and Spay Today. She spends any free time she may have with her beautiful family and her own little zoo of animals.


Bethann formerly served as the Executive Director for the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina where she met Danielle over a decade ago. She has been fostering animals since. She works as an elementary art teacher and lives on a small farm where her family helps her run a private animal sanctuary with both livestock animals and a house full of dogs and cats (most with disabilities). She is also the mother to two children with a very tolerant husband who has embraced her passion for animals without hesitation.